Full Readings

Mini Readings

Big Three

A mini-reading of 1 hour exploring the Sun, Moon and Rising placements in your birth chart.

This reading is for you if you have no prior experience, but are ready to dip your toes into the world of astrology and are looking for some foundational knowledge with which to build your own self-study.

Major Axes

A mini-reading of 1 hour exploring the Ascendant-Descendant and Imum Coeli-Medium Coeli.

This reading is for you if you’ve dabbled in astrology and are now looking to explore a deeper picture of yourself – who you are to you, who you are to others, where you come from and where you may go.

My Three

A mini-reading of 1 hour exploring three topics of your choosing relating to your personal experience of the world.

This reading is for you if you have some experience with your chart and are looking to explore certain themes deeper; how you need to be cared for, your unconscious belief systems, and how they show up in your chart.


excellent at what she does

I was referred to Tessa via coworkers and I must admit that I was skeptical about getting a reading at first. Eventually, I went ahead and got one done and was not disappointed. Tessa will meet with you in a comfortable location and really takes her time on your reading, ensuring that you fully understand every aspect. Tessa wrote my entire reading out and she provided me with a copy so that I can return to it in the future to see how true the reading actually was. Here we are, months after my reading, and I still return to my reading every now and then to see how accurate it was to my life then and how accurate it is to my life now. Tessa is excellent at what she does and I plan on going back for more!

Darius Crayton

warm and inviting… like an old friend

I’ve never been much for horoscopes, but a friend gifted me a session with Tessa. I have a science background and prefer objective observations. My feelings about horoscopes changed the day I sat down with Tessa. You could tell that she not only took the time to do the work putting together my chart, but she really cares about her clients. She spent so much time explaining my entire chart to me. Her charting was far more than the generalizations you get online or from Seventeen magazine (which had been my previous exposure to horoscopes). She relayed specific details of my life that happened and exactly when they happened. Not only that, but she also pointed out ways I could change my life for the better. Better ways to communicate with others and take care of myself. When I sat down with her, I was pretty nervous because that’s a lot of personal detail that a stranger now knows about me, but she was so warm and inviting…like an old friend. I quickly got rid of those misconceptions. I can honestly say that my session with Tessa changed my life for the better and I still refer to my chart on a regular basis, especially when I have a big decision to make. Set up a session with her and I promise you will not regret it.

Malia Tartt

educated and passionate about astrology

I went into my reading with Tessa not knowing exactly what to expect, as it was my first one, but Tessa was so knowledgeable and easy to talk to that our time was up before I even realized it was passing! Her reading and explanation was so thorough and detailed, but she was also very conscious of the areas of my life I wanted more clarity in, focusing in on them so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. You can really tell that Tessa is educated and passionate about astrology, which was a pleasure to be around! I felt like I walked away from my reading with a much better understanding of myself and the way my natal chart can affect all the different phases and areas of my life, as well as ways that I can work to understand myself more!

Brianna Lipp

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